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Nintendo Switch UI Revealed By Gamer Who  Received Console Two Weeks Prior To Official Release

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Nintendo Switch shipped early

Receiving a package earlier than expected is oftentimes a blessing rather than a nuisance. However, there are times when one cannot help but curse when they receive their packages at a very untimely manner. Case in point is this guy who received his Nintendo Switch two weeks ahead of official release.

According to Engadget, a NeoGAF user with the handle hiphoptherobot received his pre-ordered Nintendo Switch a few days back. Unfortunately, since the console has yet to be released, he does not have the games for it. To make matters worse, he cannot put the console online for fears of repercussions.

Because the poor guy does not have any content for his Nintendo Switch, he was left with fiddling with the game’s menu system. He did manage to get through all of the how-to guides included with the console.

Some NeoGAF users encouraged the unlucky owner to put his console online, but he resisted. He was afraid that he or the store where he bought his console will get in big trouble. To be fair, he is not at all wrong with this. In fact, this has happened before with the Xbox One.

When the Xbox One was released many years ago, a handful of customers who pre-ordered the console got their packages earlier than expected. Some of these owners immediately connected their units to the network and was then banned from the service. Although not entirely their fault, it took Microsoft a considerable amount of time and headache to remove those users from the ban list. Furthermore, sellers who shipped units ahead of official release were penalised heavily by Microsoft.

To most, this is a very sad circumstance to be in at the moment. To have something that you cannot actually use is more of a pain than a relief. Nevertheless, some gamers got the first glimpse of Nintendo Switch’s simple and clean user interface.

The Nintendo Switch is due for an official release on March 3. At the moment, the console is still hard to come by even for a pre-order. However, Nintendo promised that more units will be available sometime after April this year. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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