Nintendo Switch Might Include VR Support: Patent Filed Reveals VR Possibility

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch was created for the purpose of giving players the freedom of playing games however they like. In an interview, President Reggie Fils-Aime of Nintendo of America said that the game console opens the windows for the concept of gaming without boundaries.

And it looks like Nintendo?s keeping their word, Nintendo introduced the NX for more than a year now. And while players are already buckling up for the possibilities that the console can bring them, the company officially released its name, Nintendo Switch.

Alongside the release of the official name of the console, rumors had been circulating all over the internet about the possible features that Nintendo Switch may have.

Yes. People know it?s a gaming console. But up to what extent can Nintendo expand the capabilities of Switch when they said ?gaming without boundaries??

With Virtual Reality already on the rise, will Nintendo Switch advance with this development?

Nintendo Switch includes VR Support

Rumor has it that the new Switch game console will adapt Virtual Reality in the gaming experience. Nintendo fans are also taking the news quite well.

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Rosti, a NeoGAF forum member, observed pieces of some of the recently published patent application for the Switch game system. It could support the probability of the console having VR support.

Nintendo Switch

If Nintendo will be able to pull this off, Switch would become a bigger version of ?the Gear VR or Daydream View. However, the company might be experiencing temporary roadblocks in making Virtual Reality possible for the Switch game.

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Will Nintendo push through in making Switch VR-ready?

There still hasn?t been any confirmation regarding when will Nintendo have their VR headsets ready. Speculations say that Nintendo will release it together with the gaming console. On the other hand, some reports say that it won?t be possible.

Rest assured, it wouldn?t be that hard for Nintendo to add the Virtual Reality experience to the Switch. But since the console is only capable of at least 1080p display, there are chances that Nintendo Switch might not be able to satisfy its users in terms of VR.

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