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Early Nintendo Switch Teardown Revealed NVIDIA Tegra Maxwell Architecture SoC

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Last week, reports about the alleged early shipping of Nintendo Switch units surfaced on the Internet. Immediately after that, Nintendo released a statement saying that those early pre-order units are stolen ones. And that they were stolen from one of its distributors. Now it seems that one of those stolen Nintendo gaming consoles has been used in perhaps the earliest teardown so far.

According to Ars Technica, a certain Chinese game-parts manufacturer has leaked a series of teardown images for the Switch. In the said images, it can be seen that the Nintendo gaming console uses an NVIDIA Tegra SoC. Furthermore, the custom chip is based on the Maxwell revision 2 architecture.

One hint that the Tegra chip in question is a revision 2 is the part number listed on the top of the die shows “UDNX01-A2.” Now, many have speculated that the Switch will have the same SoC as NVIDIA’s Shield devices. However, the ones used on these devices have suffix digits of “A1.” Going through the same logic, one can only surmise that the chip shown is a different version from the original.

Early Nintendo Switch teardown surfaces on the Internet

Leaked Nintendo Switch teardown (via

The leak also showed that Nintendo has moved away from the usual battery design and asked for a third-party provider for the Nintendo Switch’s battery. From the images, one will see that the battery used in the unit in question came from Amperex. Amperex is the same Taiwan-based battery provider for Samsung mobile devices. Furthermore, it is also quite visible that the battery used by Nintendo has a capacity of 4310 mAh.

The series of images also showed the internal arrangement of the parts for the console, from the heat pipe, down to the 2GB system RAM. The images also showed two neatly placed and sized speakers at the bottom of the console as well as the two ribbon cables the link both sides of the JoyCon terminals.

Right now, many are still contesting the authenticity of the leaked images. Some believe that they are fake due to the different battery shown in the images. However, it would seem that majority of people think that the images are quite credible.

There are barely two weeks before the official release of the Nintendo Switch. On March 3, Nintendo’s newest gaming console will be available globally. However, it looks like the hype has not died down yet. Many fans are excited to get their hands on the Switch. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check out TheBitbag.

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