Nintendo Switch ‘Super Smash Bros.’ Port: No New Characters And Content?

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The Nintendo Switch will be coming out in March 2017, and fans could not be more excited. When the trailer for the system first aired, fans were pleasantly surprised to see it in action. Not only did we see the new Zelda game in action, we also saw various Wii U ports like Splatoon. It should come as no surprise that Super Smash Bros might be ported to the new system.

Laura Kate Dale has stated in Let?s Play Video Games that a port of Smash is coming to the Switch. According to her sources,?it would not be a launch title but will come out within the same year as the console. It seems like the system will have Amiibo support, as there will supposedly be new models for Cloud and Bayonetta.

Nothing New?

While all of this was mentioned, there doesn’t seem to be anything new with this Super Smash Bros port. This is somewhat understandable since it’s a port coming to the Nintendo Switch, but fans would have liked some. At the least, players won’t have to pay for the game’s DLC, which is always a plus. Also, Dale’s sources also claim that all existing DLCs in the Wii U version will be available ?in the Switch port.?

Still, those that have their Wii U copy might be annoyed with the news. Nintendo has previously stated that players might be able to exchange their Wii U copy for the Switch port, which is nice. New gamers will probably appreciate having a Smash Bros game early for the console.

Import City?

One worry fans have for the Nintendo Switch is that it might become a home for game ports. The Wii U suffered from getting third party games late, after they had already arrived on other consoles. Older reports stated that Nintendo is aware of this and will be working hard to make sure the system has a strong launch week.

A new Super Mario game was spotted on the Switch video, while a Pokemon game has also been hinted at. Add Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and this Super Smash Bros port, and it seems like the Switch will have a strong year. Here is hoping that they can keep the momentum.

The Nintendo Switch comes out sometime in March 2017. Nintendo will have more news about the new console on January 12.?

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