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Nintendo Switch Stock: GameStop To Have A Fresh Supply On March 22

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Nintendo Switch
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Nintendo Switch just hit the market earlier this month but considering its current stock on the market, it is safe to say that the console has been a huge hit. Recent reports revealed that the gaming console is out of stock on major retailers, which is why gamers are having a hard time getting their hands on it. Good news is, a retailer shop will have a fresh supply this week.

Because of the shortage in supply, asking prices on eBay are going nuts for more than $4,000. Luckily, GameStop announced on Friday that they will be receiving new shipments of the console on March 22. The $300 Nintendo Switch will hit the shelves on that same date so be sure to check their official website or visit their nearest store in your area.

However, keep in mind that although fresh supply will arrive on March 22, it will still depend on your local store. It would be best to call and ask GameStop staff first to know whether or not they will restock Switch in stores near you. Through that, you will not be wasting your time running around looking for the console on GameStop shops.

GameStop On Nintendo Switch Stock

Meanwhile, according to Eric Bright, GameStop’s senior director of merchandising, their company is having troubles in keeping up with the demand. It is despite the fact that they are the largest video game retailer in the United States. It is also mainly because Switch has the fastest-selling debut out of Nintendo’s other consoles.

Switch Stock

As a result of the scarcity, Nintendo is said to double the production of the console, as reported by Chicago Tribune. Should that be the case, then gamers should expect a lot of supply in the coming months. However, keep in mind that Nintendo has yet to announce any of their future plans. So, it would be best if you take this information with a grain of salt.

Nintendo Switch Saving Issues

According to Express UK, the new console has currently no cloud save backup system in place. This is the reason why gamers should really be careful in handling their data because any moment, they could actually lose it. Nintendo has not released a statement about it yet, but hopefully they would come up with a solution to it soon.

There you have it! Some of the latest news and updates on Nintendo Switch and its upcoming stock in the United States. Are you planning to buy your very own Switch? Have you experienced a hard time looking for it on different retailers? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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