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Nintendo Switch Release And Games: Unexpected New IP, Beyond Good And Evil 2 Teaser, And More Surprises Left For January 12 Reveal Says Leaker

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Nintendo Switch

Recently, more?Nintendo Switch leaks came out on the Nintendo Switch subreddit. Inside information were revealed like upcoming games and exclusives, and surprises coming next year. Also?mentioned was an unexpected new IP, Beyond Good and Evil 2 teaser in the works, and more surprises for the console?s reveal.?

Release Date

Laura Kate Dale, a video game critic from Let’sPlayVideoGames started an Ask Me Anything thread. Dale has been known to be a part of the recent leaks and is even verified by the subreddit?s moderators. While it?s been confirmed that these information are leaks from a known source, take these information with a grain of salt as it is not an official release and things can still change before the console’s official launch in March.

Dale says she is still hearing discussions that the next?Nintendo console will be released on March 17. The price range is said to be below $300, or at least one of the console’s versions. The first model of Nintendo Switch is said to have 32GB, which is the storage size of a deluxe Wii U. Fans may use this info to cross-reference the announcements on the Nintendo Switch event happening on January 12.

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Beyond Good and Evil 2

Fans also asked if Ubisoft?s Beyond Good and Evil 2 appears in the upcoming Nintendo event on January 12. Dale notes that a Beyond Good and Evil 2 CGI teaser is also in the works. The teaser is said to be less than a minute long, but it?s unknown if it?ll make it in time for the January 12 event. However, Dale seems sure that the teaser is being prepared for the Nintendo Direct this coming January 12 and not for another event.

Unexpected New IP

Dale confirms that there will be ?surprises? in the ?January 12 Nintendo Switch event. The Nintendo Direct for the console is said to be ?very info heavy.?

“There’s a lot of third party stuff not touched on, some hardware details, UI system level info and other info not yet spoiled,” said Dale. “There’s a pretty beefy presentation planned and, like some of Nintendo’s better directs, it’s going to be very info heavy.”

Dale also said Nintendo will unveil an ?unexpected new IP.? ?The new IP is said to be one that people ?didn?t know was coming to Switch? and is not a sequel or remake. Fans will just have to wait for it to show up on the announcements to know what it is. Perhaps we?ll get another game similar to Splatoon in terms of originality.

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