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Nintendo Switch Release Update: Fake News Spreads This Week

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Now that the new year is upon us, gamers are more excited than ever for the Nintendo Switch. The company has promised a special presentation for the console in January, which has caught everyone?s attention. In fact, it might have also gotten the attention of the wrong people, as there have been some fake news regarding the upcoming console.

According to this Reddit post, the fake news is due to the Mexican holiday Dia de los Santos Inocentes. Essentially a version of April Fool?s day, this allows reporters to have fun and spread some joke news. What makes the joke funnier is if fans fall for it and some might have, if fans didn?t point it out.

Nintendo Punked

Some of the fake Nintendo Switch news include a new Pokemon game reported by Centro Pokemon and Zelda: Breath of the Wild getting cancelled. While the latter was definitely a fake story, the former might have brought hope to those who wanted a new Pokemon game. To be fair, the heavily rumored Pokemon Stars might be true and could make upcoming Switch owners thankful.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild getting cancelled is ridiculous though. It?s currently one of the most hyped games for the system, and there is no way Nintendo would cancel it. Admittedly, the game will probably get delayed if it isn?t ready, but cancelling it is out of the question, especially since gamers might get the Switch just to play it.

To The New Year

The fake news might tick off those looking forward to the Nintendo Switch, but they shouldn?t let it get to them. After all, the console will be getting a showcase presentation in January and might be coming out in March. With games like Zelda, Skyrim, Super Smash Bros and Splatoon coming along with a brand new Mario game, it already looks more promising than the Wii U.

Gamers with a 3DS might be a bit sad with the news, but they still have games to look forward to. Dragon Quest 8 looks like it will be a promising port, and there will be various Global Events for Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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