Nintendo Switch Release Date May Have Been Revealed By A Nosy Redditor

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Nintendo Switch Release Date
Nintendo Switch Release Date

The Nintendo Switch has essentially become the next big thing in gaming and it hasn?t even been released yet. Since its announcement last year, many rumors have been circulating on it?s possible release date.

And although we know that the Nintendo Switch is set to come out on March 2017, we still don?t know what day it will come out on. However one nosy Redditor may have just revealed the Nintendo Switch?s exact release date.


Redditor King_Of_Rad_Lions made a post discussing the Nintendo Switch?s possible exact release date. The user wrote that the secret is to study the MyNintendo expiration dates for rewards.

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The user points out that ever since MyNintendo had been launched, all rewards always expire during the first of the month. This is in order to make room for new rewards to be introduced.

He then points out that the recent rewards being added will expire during the middle of the month. Specifically on Thursday, March 16.

The Redditor then reasons that the Switch will have its launch on Friday because the rewards that will be removed on Thursday will be making room for the Switch. The Redditor writes: ?could the fact that most of the rewards cycle out on Thursday the 16th suggest that new Switch centered rewards and the Switch itself will release on the 17th??

It’s important to note that there is no other claim at this point backing up a Nintendo Switch launch date for March 17 of this year. However, the Redditor?s claims are actually pretty reasonable in itself.

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And also, we may not have to wait until March to learn whether Redditor King_Of_Rad_Lions? theory was right or wrong. New updates on the Nintendo Switch will be coming out later this month. Nintendo will be having a special presentation about the Nintendo Switch on January 12.

Although the specifics of the presentation is still in the dark, we can?t help but hope that launch dates, launch titles, and other goodies will be a part of the presentation?s content.?

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