Nintendo Switch Controllers And Accessories: No Pro Controller Bundle, Quick Charge With USB Port, And More Details Leaked

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Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Switch Rumors On Accessories, Hardware, And Features

Recently, reputable leaker Laura Kate Dale has revealed some information about the Nintendo Switch hardware. Details about the console?s pro controller, USB port charging, and more details have been revealed.?

Separate Pro Controller

According to NintendoFanJr?s thread on the console’s subreddit, Dale recently revealed in OBE1play’s video?that the console?s Pro controller must be bought separately from the unit. A Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is similar to traditional gamepad layouts like the Wii U controller. Players opting to use this kind of controller on their Switch may want to prepare some extra money to buy this peripheral.

Quick Charge USB

At best, the Nintendo Switch seems to have a three-hour battery lifespan if the console is fully utilizing its capabilities. However, the Switch can be charged through its USB ports which can make it survive as long as there are computers or possibly power banks in the area.?

Other Features

Moreover, it has been confirmed that the new Nintendo console will not use friend codes like the 3DS. It?s possible that the Nintendo Switch may have its own online service platform like Sony?s PlayStation Network or Microsoft?s Xbox Live. Previously, the Wii U had separate social, communication, and shop online platforms like the MiiMaker, Miiverse, WiiU Chat, and Nintendo eShop. Let?s just hope that Nintendo allows free access to their online multiplayer services unlike the current PlayStation 4 and Xbox One features.

It has also been confirmed that Switch will have Bluetooth capability which could be the console?s way for local multiplayer without internet connection. Players may also connect to Bluetooth capable speaks, visual displays, and computers for some extra functionality or data maintenance.

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Lastly, the Nintendo Switch will have three GameCube games at launch. At best, we may receive games like Super Smash Bros Melee, Luigi?s Mansion, or any of the known GameCube games already ported to the Wii U.

Take note that none of these details have been confirmed so far by Nintendo. Even if these information possibly comes from reputable sources, things can still change leading to the console’s release. We’ll hear more details about the Switch come January 12.

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