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Nintendo Switch Price Less Than $250

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch will finally be unveiled in a few days. In fact, Nintendo is perhaps making the final preparations in Japan for the said event. And, a new report suggests that the new gaming console will be released at a price point quite attractive to gamers. According to the said reports, the Nintendo Switch may be released with a price far lower than $250.

A report from Nikkei seems to suggest that the gaming company is thinking about releasing its next generation console for around $215. The price is based on the Japanese Yen to the U.S. Dollar exchange rate for 25,000 Yen. However, the report only claims the price point in the Japanese market. It did not mention anything about the market elsewhere.

Nevertheless, this indicative price may resonate to all regions covered by Nintendo. In fact, a few resellers from different regions have begun to update their retail price for the portable console.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch (via

This indicative price is very good news for fans of the brand. In fact, this margin is quite far from the retail price of Nintendo’s previous gaming device, the Nintendo Wii-U. Perhaps this is how the gaming company intends on attracting consumers to buy its products.

Since its initial introduction, Nintendo’s newest gaming console has been generating so much hype as of late. A lot of gamers have been anticipating the release of the newest gaming console from Nintendo. Furthermore, some familiar game titles will also be released along with the hardware which also adds to the hype.

The publication has a good reputation when it comes to anything about Nintendo. For the last few years, it has reported facts and figures that are either on point or close to reality. Whether or not this new report for the Nintendo Switch holds some grain of truth like the other ones, consumers will soon find out.

The Nintendo Switch will be officially unveiled on January 13 in Tokyo, Japan. Availability is said to fall sometime in March this year. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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