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Nintendo Switch Price Leak: What Does The $322 Package Include?

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Nintendo Switch Price Leak

It appears that there has been a Nintendo Switch price leak recently. Obviously, Nintendo won?t be giving away further information about their upcoming handheld device. However, some people already managed to identify some information that is supposed to come this January.

Nintendo Switch Price Leak: Toys R Us To Blame?

At the present time, it?s hard to identify if the leaked information is done on purpose. Obviously, leaking an information about something that is highly anticipated would be a great way to advertise the product.

In this case, it?s Toys R Us? fault. It appears that their official web page has accidentally posted the base model of the Nintendo Switch, including its price. As a result, we now know that Nintendo Switch costs $330 in Canada or $322 in Australia.

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Nintendo Switch Price Leak: $322 Comes With What?

Nintendo Switch Price Leak

On the positive side, there is a cached page, thanks to Gizmodo. However, it appears that knowing the price raised a lot more questions. At the present time, nobody knows what?s included in the $322 price tag.

Does the $322 package include both controllers just like the product images imply? Does it include the docking device that can be hooked up on TVs? Obviously, Toys R Us didn?t reveal more than the console?s price.

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According to Laura Dale of Let?s Play Video Games, the basic version of Nintendo Switch costs ?200 or $330 AUD. Furthermore, it includes the console and the controllers. There will also be a model with much larger internal storage which also includes a game for ?250 or $413 AUD.

Nintendo Switch Price Leak: Where Does The Nintendo Switch Belong?

Nintendo Switch Price Leak

On the other hand, CNET stated that the price tag of Nintendo Switch is somewhat close to the launch price of Nintendo 3DS back in 2011. Meanwhile, Wii U that was released in late 2012 cost $350 for the basic model while the deluxe model cost $430.

Nintendo might position their upcoming handheld device in the same price range of other portable consoles?if the price leak is proven true. In this case, the Nintendo Switch didn?t go above $400 price point compared to other consoles which can only be used at home.

Furthermore, the Nintendo Switch Price leak appears to be accurate. That being said, a price tag of $322 isn?t as expensive as other consoles but it isn?t cheap as other handheld consoles either. However, a price tag of $322 is cheap compared to other homebound consoles, given that it?s capable of playing the same games properly.

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