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Nintendo Switch Price To Start Below $300 – Insider

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Nintendo Switch Price

Gaming fans are surely excited about Nintendo?s upcoming console, the Nintendo Switch. The revolutionary piece of gaming technology allows players to automatically convert the Switch from a gaming console into a handheld console in an instant. While some may be concerned that the Nintendo Switch price could be too high, recent reports indicate that it could actually start out at only $300.

Everyone has been extremely hype about the Nintendo Switch, which is expected to be unveiled on January 12th. While that is still more than two weeks away, many gaming fans are trying to find out what they can about the console right now. Thankfully, there are several tipsters, such as Laura Dale, who have given fans insider details about the Nintendo Switch.

Recently, Laura had an AMA or Ask Me Anything session on Reddit and surely many fans asked about the Nintendo Switch. One of the most asked questions was about the Nintendo Switch price which is still a big mystery at this point.

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Nintendo Switch Price

Nintendo Switch

According to Laura, the price range for the Nintendo Switch could be at around ?200 or which converts to around $245. Another user asked Laura how confident she is that it will cost under $300. She replied that it was completely confident that there will be a version priced at or under $300.

This is certainly very good news for gaming fans excited about the Nintendo Switch. With the price range starting at below $300, more and more people will surely be trying to grab the device once it releases.

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Nintendo Switch Release Date

It could create one problem though, this is the demand of the Nintendo Switch far exceeding the supply. The rumored release date is still in the first quarter of 2017 so Nintendo can still ramp up their production of the Switch to hopefully avoid this problem.

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Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news about the Nintendo Switch price and other details regarding the exciting new gaming console.

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