Nintendo Switch Price Only $250, Says Retailer

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Nintendo Switch Price

A retailer has apparently leaked the Nintendo Switch price in a product listing. According to the online retail website, Nintendo?s new console will cost you US$250. The availability is not shown on the listing and it still says that the product is currently unavailable, but it is being said that even if the listed price is just a placeholder, the console would cost around the said price of US$250.

One of the Canadian online stores Toys R Us listed Nintendo Switch with the said price. The listing features the Nintendo Switch price at 329.99 Canadian Dollars, which is close to US$250. Nintendo hasn?t shared anything ?regarding the console?s price, but as the release is nearing, we can expect more leaks in the coming months.Nintendo Switch Price

This is not the first time that Nintendo Switch price rumors surfaced online. An online store Tesco also posted a listing on its website for the console. The preorder page was taken down after multiple reports circulated about the website. The pricing shown in the page suggested that the console will be priced US$399.99.

As there have been many rumors, it cannot be confirmed whether the console?s price at US$250, as listed by Toys R Us is accurate or not. Since Nintendo is keeping silent, it would be better if fans take such leaks with a grain of salt. Regarding the Nintendo Switch price, game industry analysts have been saying that Nintendo will?keep the price within everyone?s reach. As Nintendo has projected the console to feature both the functionalities of a handheld console and a home console, the price of Nintendo Switch as leaked by the retailer seems to fall in the right range.

Nintendo Switch undoubtedly doesn?t stand strong against Xbox One and PS4 product line. The console also doesn?t compete with PS Vita segment as it features different functionalities. The price range we expect from Nintendo for its new console is between US$250 to US$350. The company sold the WII U for US$299 at launch.?

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