Nintendo Switch Pre-Orders To Start On January 13, Says GameStop Employee

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The release of Nintendo?s new console is nearing, and gamers couldn’t be more excited with?the big January 12 Nintendo Switch presentation nearing. Nintendo Switch pre-orders?might also start soon shortly after the presentation.?


As posted on?the Nintendo Switch?subreddit, an employee of GameStop claims pre-orders will officially start on Friday the 13th this January. The Redditor claims they have already received an email from Nintendo regarding this matter.?Here is the letter posted by the Gamestop employee that started the Nintendo Switch pre-order?rumor:

My Gamestop store just received a GSO letter (more or less a company wide email) that stores will be opening pre-orders starting the 13th. Each store will be allocated X amount of preorders. We don’t know the numbers yet or different versions, this information will come on the 12th so maybe check in then if it’s the place you want to order. I guess this means at least through Gamestop they’ll be limited at launch.

Should this be the case, then gamers are already less than two weeks away from ordering Nintendo’s next generation of consoles.?This claim is also supported by a previous report claiming that GameStop will start soon start accepting pre-orders for the?Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Nintendo Switch version. However, both?

Real or Reel?

However, both rumors do not have concrete pieces of evidence. As a result, it’s best to remain?skeptical and wait for the upcoming January 12 presentation. Whether or not these rumors are true is hard to prove. So, let us just wait for the 13th to arrive and check Gamestop if the console would really be available.

How about you? Do you think Nintendo Switch pre-orders will officially start on January 13? Or, is this news another hoax intended to only excite the fans? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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