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Nintendo Switch Free App To Allow PC Game Streaming, Launches On The eShop Soon

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Nintendo Switch
Source: Nintendo Switch Preview Trailer video

Rainway Inc.’s app, Rainway, is confirmed to arrive on Nintendo Switch. This free app will allow players to stream PC games on their Switch. The developer confirmed that it will arrive on the eShop soon.

Rainway Confirmed

The developer of Rainway confirmed on the Nintendo Switch subreddit that their app is indeed coming to the Nintendo Switch. As seen on its official site, the upcoming free app will allow games on a different platform to be played on another device. Rainway is confirmed to go on beta next month.

Available Platforms

The developers also confirmed the app’s overall coverage. Rainway is confirmed to work on either AMD and Nvidia  GPUS which asserts its flexibility on PC platforms. Aside from the Nintendo Switch, Rainway will also work on web browsers, Android phones, iOS phones, and the Xbox One. Overall, Nintendo Switch players will now have a way to stream without getting into complicated setups.

Previous Streaming Choice

Players can actually stream without the Rainway app, but it will definitely take some time to setup. It needs an external capture card or an HDMI input to link the PC and Nintendo Switch to be able to stream Nintendo games. Rainway will be one of the first streaming apps on the platform and might be able to simplify the streaming process overall.

Release Date

Currently, Rainway is confirmed to go on beta next month. The beta version will grant some early functionality which could be enough to put your Switch gameplay out in the internet. However, the app is still in beta phase which means that the developers are still studying its potential problems and is not yet the app’s finished version. Stay updated with more Nintendo Switch news here on The BitBag.

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