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Nintendo Switch Outpacing PS4 Sales in Japan

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Nintendo Switch outpacing PS4 sales in Japan

The Nintendo Switch has been officially out in the market for more than three weeks now. So far, the hybrid console is quite hard to come by as stores routinely run out of stock due to high demands. Now, a new report seems to suggest that Nintendo’s newest console is also breaking sales records in Japan.

According to GameRant, a recent data gathered by research firm Media Create claims that Nintendo has sold more than half a million Nintendo Switch units in Japan alone. The console, obviously, has been selling like crazy pretty much every where. In fact, the latest figures show that as of the 26th of March, 519,504 units were sold in Japan. This is a big step in comparison to the Nintendo Wii U which took more than three weeks to reach its first half a million units.

On the other side of the story, the Nintendo Switch is also breaking previous records set by the PlayStation 4. During its first three weeks of getting released, Sony sold around 439,810 PlayStation 4 units. The disparity is quite impressive seeing that the Switch overtook the PS4 by almost 100,000 units.

Nintendo Switch sales outpacing PS4

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At the moment, the Nintendo Switch is still enjoying immense popularity. As mentioned earlier, it is very hard to get a unit from anywhere across the globe. Nintendo, however, has ordered its contractor to double the production in order to keep up with demands.

The Switch has received a number of good reviews over the past couple of weeks. While the console is not, in fact, the most powerful device ever, many gamers still loved the idea of being able to play a standard console game on the go. This is, perhaps, one of the Switch’s strongest suit.

Furthermore, it would seem that Nintendo has finally addressed some of the issues that plagued the device during its first few weeks of release. The most widely known issue, the left JoyCon wireless connectivity, seems to be a thing of the past right now. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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