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Nintendo Switch OS 2.2.0 Update Brings More Stability

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nintendo switch os 2.2.0
The latest update is available now. [Image from Nintendo]

Nintendo Switch OS 2.2.0 has been released and should provide a better experience for owners of the console. One of the major fixes the update adds is stability, which will supposedly enhance the player’s experience with the system. Basic online functions were added last time, so it is now easier to add some friends and share great screenshots.

All of these details were confirmed by the support section of Nintendo’s official website, since the update is available now. Overall, this should please fans who have had problems with the brand new system, with more updates coming out eventually. While the system doesn’t have too many games yet, the few that are available should tide fans over for now.

Patch Note

It’s not clear how unstable the system was before, but Nintendo Switch OS 2.2.0 will ensure more stability. Frankly, the update is as vague as the one Breath of the Wild got, which is a wee bit annoying. Still, it’s good that Nintendo is supporting the console and making sure it plays properly for those that bought it.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem like the update teases anything about future Virtual Store content, so that’s pretty disappointing for owners. Seems like fans that kept their Wii U should be fine for a year, given the amount of games available. Gamecube games have been rumored for the new console, which should garner interest from fans when they are officially announced.

Future Updates

Seems like Nintendo Switch OS 2.2.0 is a pretty basic update that makes the console more stable and nothing else. Future updates will likely add more features for the system, but that will not be happening right away. With Splatoon 2 and Arms coming out soon, there’s a good chance the new system will be more appealing soon.

That being said, it’s good that Nintendo is making the console more stable, even if instability isn’t the console’s biggest issue. Breath of the Wild will definitely keep fans busy till the other big name games come out, so that’s something. At the least, it won’t be long before other quality games join the system, especially after the most recent Nintendo Direct presentation.

Gamers that bought the system can download Nintendo Switch OS 2.2.0, though they shouldn’t expect anything groundbreaking from the update. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is out now, while Arms and Splatoon 2 will be coming out in June and July, respectively.

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