Nintendo Switch Leak: UI, Online Features, And More Details Revealed

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo’s next generation of console will be out this March after the months of rumors and leaks last year. From the outside, the Nintendo Switch is looking like another impressive device from Nintendo, but we’ve yet to delve deeper into the hardware. Luckily, a new Nintendo Switch leak reveals some of the hardware we can expect to see in the console and they are different from what the rumors said before.

A new Nintendo Switch leak posted on Reddit reveals the UI of the upcoming console. The UI shown is for how the screen would look if players suspend a game. It looks like players can access a few other menus when the game is suspended. Aside from this, there are a ton of other details about the upcoming console in the recent Nintendo Switch leak.

While leaks aren’t that reliable to begin with, some developers working on Switch games have confirmed that the specs in the leak are true. Below are some of the hardware specs of the upcoming console which look promising as of the moment.

Aside from the insides of the console, the recent leak also showed off other features of the device. For starters, Miis will be making a comeback in the console, but players will have more customization options to choose from. This means that there is a wider range of Mii possibilities in the Nintendo Switch.

Moreover, the leak also gives players a hint as to why Nintendo will be shifting towards a paid subscription model as well. The upcoming console will have staple social features like friend requests, messaging, player rankings, and more.

A few gamers have also pointed out that the leaks are contradictory to what is written on Nintendo’s official website. For example, the leak shows that the device will have 4.0 Bluetooth whereas 4.1 Bluetooth is listed on Nintendo’s website. Some also say the leaked documents are the same information Digital Foundry managed to acquire back in July, so some of the specs might be better in the final build. For now, it’s best to take Nintendo’s word when it comes to the device’s hardware and software specs. 

There a few matching details between the recent leak and Nintendo’s official list, but there are some mismatches as well. For the time being, the Nintendo Switch is proving to be a formidable console against the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. We’ll only have to wait a while longer for the official launch.

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