Nintendo Switch Launch On Jan. 12; Console Games Presentation Scheduled The Next Day

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Nintendo Switch Release

The Nintendo Switch is definitely one device which countless video game fanatics are looking forward to. The latest console from Nintendo is scheduled to be launched this year and gaming fans are surely excited. It appears that the wait for it will not be that long now as the Nintendo Switch launch is set to happen on January 12.

The upcoming console introduces the 2-in-1 functionality to the gaming world. This is because the Switch can be transformed from a regular console to a handheld gaming device in an instant. This is certainly one of the most innovative gaming devices today which has many excited.

Nintendo Switch Release

Gaming fans have to be very excited as the launch for the new device is already happening next week. According to Gamespot, the Nintendo Switch launch is going to happen on January 12 at 8PM PST.

The exciting event will be streamed live on the Nintendo website and promises to show off the brand new console to the whole world. This is certainly going to be one event that gaming fans should not miss.

It appears that the unveiling of the Nintendo Switch is not all that fans will be looking forward to next week. This is because there will be another video event the following day which will turn the focus on Nintendo Switch games.

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Nintendo Switch January 13th Treehouse Live Event

According to a more recent report from Gamespot, Nintendo has confirmed that there will be a Treehouse Live event scheduled on January 13. It is set to begin at 6:30 AM PST or 9:30 AM ET.

It is said that the Treehouse Live event is going to give an “in-depth look at upcoming games” which should certainly be very exciting. Those who would want to check out the event can stream it live on YouTube or on Twitch.

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Next week will definitely be a very busy week for gaming fans. Be sure to mark your calendars and set your alarm clocks so that you will not miss the Nintendo Switch launch happening next week.

Be sure to check back here soon to find out more news and updates on the Nintendo Switch release as well as on other trending topics in the world of gaming.

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