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Why the Nintendo Switch May Suffer Slow Initial Pickup From Its March 2017 Release

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Nintendo Switch

Nintendo finally announced the official unveiling of the Nintendo Switch, and it is going to be this January 12. Now, everyone is getting more and more excited about Nintendo?s newest gaming console. What is even more exciting is that the Nintendo Switch will be available two months after the said announcement.

According to Nintendo, the unveiling will take place at an event in Tokyo, Japan that will be streamed digitally at the same time. While everyone is getting ready for the unveiling, gamers are still confused as to what exactly are they going to play on the console. There are still no clarifications whether or not the Nintendo Switch will be able to play games from other platforms. This maybe is some sort of bad news as the console may experience a slow initial pick-up.

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As of this writing, there are only 19 games lined up for the Nintendo Switch. Most of these games have yet to be announced while others are set for a 2018 release. Meanwhile, only a handful of games will be released in 2017 and very few in the first quarter. With that in mind, some are beginning to wonder whether or not the March availability of the new console will hold the excitement for many gamers.

Nintendo Switch

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All gamers want one thing, and that is good content. The more Nintendo has, the better it is as more people will be enticed to play the console. Unfortunately, with a very thin lineup, the March availability seemed a bit underwhelming.

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Nintendo may offer a certain level of backward compatibility on some of its games for other platforms. But since most of them are entirely different from each other, the selection is very slim. Furthermore, physical media compatibility is totally out of the question as all consoles use different proprietary physical media.

This could be the Nintendo Switch?s silver bullet. Although the console looks pretty impressive from the outside, it may still suffer from a slow initial pick-up. This is due to the fact that contents are quite hard to come by.

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The successes that Sony and Microsoft had on their respective consoles depended mostly on game availability. So far, both gaming consoles have hundreds of games available, both physically and digitally. Microsoft even has a backward compatibility for Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One and the One S. The March availability should coincide with a slew of game titles for the console. Otherwise, all the excitement will be for naught.

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