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Nintendo Switch Release Update: New Specs Leak From China Revealed

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When Nintendo first announced the Nintendo Switch last October, everyone went wild. As shown on the product advert, the device seems to promise quite a lot. However, it raised a lot if questions as to how Nintendo will be able to fulfil all the specs that it listed for the console. Fortunately, a recent leak shed some light on the hardware behind the Nintendo Switch.

A user of Chinese micro-blogging site, Baidu, recently posted a leak highlighting the hardware for the upcoming Nintendo Switch. In the post, the leaker mentioned, in full details, how the device performs in the real world.

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According to the leak, the upcoming Nintendo gaming console will sport a more efficient Pascal GPU architecture from NVIDIA. A few weeks after its announcement, it was reported that the Nintendo Switch will carry a Maxwell-based GPU. However, the change to Pascal architecture is a step up to the right direction as the chip features better performance and improved energy efficiency. The GPU is paired with 4GB of RAM and an A73 ARM processor.

Nintendo Switch

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The Pascal GPU is capable of performing 500 billion floating point calculations per second, or 500 GFLOPS. While this is not totally impressive, for a portable device running on batteries, this still is a major feat.

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The leak also mentioned that the Nintendo Switch will sport a 4319 mAh battery to power the device when in portable mode. As anyone would know by now, the Switch also comes with a dock for charging and a few USB ports. The joy pad or controllers attach to the side of the device when used as a portable gaming system.

All in all, the new console is a big improvement over the previous hardware offering from Nintendo.

The Nintendo Switch will be officially launched by the gaming company sometime in March next year. Prior to that, there will also be preview presentation next month, January 2017.

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Nintendo is bridging the gap between console and portable gaming with the Nintendo Switch. Although it has built enough hype so far, many are still skeptic about its reception. As many have seen with the almost dismal numbers showed by the Wii U sales this year. Nintendo has big hopes for its next generation gaming console. However, one must not forget that the hardware is merely secondary to the success of a gaming console. Of course, Nintendo would have to think about the games that will come with the Nintendo Switch as well.

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