Nintendo Switch Games Lineup Adds Remastered ‘Dark Souls,’ ‘Mario Tennis Ace’ & More

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The lineup of Nintendo Switch games will continue to grow this 2018 thanks to the addition of some new and old titles alike. The announcement of these new additions was made during a recent Nintendo Direct Mini.

What’s Coming to the Lineup of Nintendo Switch Games?

One of the most anticipated additions to the list of current Switch games is arguably Dark Souls. The action-adventure game is set to be remastered not just for the Switch, but for other consoles across the board as well. This includes the PS4, Xbox One, and a remaster for the PC. Dark Souls Remastered will be available for the Switch on May 25.

Another exciting inclusion is Square Enix’s The World Ends With You. The hit RPG — which first saw a release back in 2007 for the Nintendo DS — will finally be making its comeback on a Nintendo console yet again. Referred to as The World Ends With You: Final Remix, the Switch port will feature a new episode that ultimately adds to the game’s overall story.

While The World Ends With You was previously re-released for Android and iOS devices in 2012, having a Switch port will give players a fresh new take on gameplay. This is especially so with the utilization of the Switch’s Joy-Con.

Coming to the Switch on May 4 is Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze. Tropical Freeze was originally released for Nintendo’s Wii U in 2014. For its Switch counterpart, the game will feature a “beginner-friendly” mode as a counter to its infamously high level of difficulty.

Furthermore, a new addition to the Mario Tennis series will be coming to the Switch with Mario Tennis Aces. The game will boast of a story mode on top of competitive gameplay. This may be a noteworthy detail to some, as a story mode for a Mario Tennis game was last seen in Mario Tennis: Power Tour for Nintendo’s Game Boy Advance.

Fans were also delighted with a teaser for Kirby Star Allies, which is slated to see a release on March 16. Moreover, RPG Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA will also be getting a Switch port sometime in Summer 2018.

Other Nintendo Switch Updates

Besides the exciting announcements detailing upcoming games, the recent Nintendo Direct Mini also revealed an upcoming update for Super Mario Odyssey. Not only will fans enjoy a competitive Balloon World mode, they will also be getting a slew of snapshot filters and several new outfits.

On the other hand, fans of Hyrule Warriors will also be getting their share of fun thanks to the announcement of a definitive edition of the game for the Switch. Hyrule Warriors Ultimate Edition will not only include additional co-op options, it will also feature all DLC (downloadable content) from the game’s previous Nintendo 3DS and Wii U releases.

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