Nintendo Switch Exclusive Game: Season of Heavens Teaser Release

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At the present time, a lot of people already probably know which games are coming to Nintendo Switch. However, most of the games that are shown in the trailer were already available on other consoles. Nintendo is still yet to announce any Nintendo Switch exclusive game which is the reason why most console gamers prefer consoles.

Fortunately, recent leaks contradict just that. Apparently, there is an upcoming game that will only be available for Nintendo?s revolutionary handheld console. As a matter of fact, images, as well as a teaser video of the said game is now available and it looks extremely gorgeous.

Nintendo Switch Exclusive: Seasons of Heaven?Teaser

Seasons of Heaven is a new game currently under development for the upcoming Nintendo Switch console. In addition, the game is being developed by a French developer named Any Arts Production. Seasons of Heaven was first announced on Gameblog which is also a French gaming website.

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As a matter of fact, the website Gameblog has now released a never-before-seen teaser of the said game. The teaser revealed looks absolutely breathtaking. In addition, the website WWG stated that there?s an upcoming full reveal trailer on Monday 9 PM PST, December 19. Furthermore, the teaser showcased the gorgeous environment of the game that looks amazingly realistic.

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Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Nintendo Switch Exclusive: Surprising Graphics of Seasons of Heaven

The realistic graphics of the game has left people wondering how a game this beautiful could actually run on the Nintendo Switch. According to a mysterious user from NeoGAF, the development team is in possession of software development kits for Nintendo?s upcoming console. The user also insisted that the footage was actually running on?a PC that is based on Nintendo Switch?s specs.

In addition, the website WWG also stated that the game is using Unreal Engine 4, which is fully supported by the Nintendo Switch. Apart from that, little else is known regarding the game. However, it is quite guaranteed that it?s based on a book with the same name. The book features a boy with a French bulldog in a post-apocalyptic world.

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