Nintendo Offering $20,000 as Nintendo Switch Bug Bounty

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Nintendo announces Nintendo Switch bug bounty program

Assuring the safety of users for any known electronic device or program is very important, especially if those systems hold information like bank account details and email usernames and passwords. This is why many big companies like Apple and Microsoft ask for the help of the public to try and find vulnerabilities in their systems. Now, it seems like Nintendo has joined the fray and asked the hacking community to find security vulnerabilities related to the Nintendo Switch.

According to Hackerone, Nintendo just posted a bug bounty program to help identify flaws in its current gaming console. The company is prepared to pay as much as $20,000 to anyone who will be able to discover a vulnerability on the Nintendo Switch. Not only that, the bug bounty program also extends to the Nintendo 3DS.

For the Nintendo Switch, the company expects any third-party hacker to find system vulnerabilities like privilege escalation, and kernel takeover. Nintendo is also expecting others to discover flaws in the applications made for the gaming console. As for the Nintendo 3DS, vulnerabilities like ARM9 and ARM11 kernel takeovers  as well as privilege escalation are expected.

Nintendo announces Nintendo Switch bug bounty program

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In terms of rewards, Nintendo is prepared to pay between $100 to $20,000 to anyone who will find a bug. The reward prize is dependent on the severity of the discovered bug as well as the quality of the report. For a report to be considered as good quality, it has to be backed with and exploitable proof of concept. Meaning, reviewers must be able to recreate the bug repeatedly and without fail.

It is nice to hear that Nintendo is taking steps into protecting its millions of users. A security breach is indeed a very nasty outcome of a weak firmware. Of course, users would want their privacy protected while they are using the Nintendo Switch. Getting their personal information leaked on the Internet should be the least of their worries. For more updates on the Nintendo Switch, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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