Nintendo Switch Battery Life Could Be its Own Setback; New Gaming Platform Does Not Have Interchangeable Battery

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The Nintendo Switch will not launch until March 2017, but concerns about the console have started circulating online. First off, the battery life of the platform is unknown to many, which raises concern over its longevity. A recent discovery also revealed that the FCC filing of the unit declared a built in battery, meaning you cannot replace it with an extra one if it gets drained.

For hardcore gamers, the Nintendo Switch?s battery life could become an issue. Imagine having to charge it from zero, instead of just replacing it with a new one, while the original one is charging? Looking through the concept of the Nintendo Switch, fans can’t really fault the design, but there is also the usability of the device when mobile that makes it even more enticing.

The Wii U game when it was launched was accompanied by a battery pack that was sold separately. That means, players who deplete their battery power while on the move will be able to continue playing with the use of the extra battery. The Nintendo Switch, on the other hand, will not have this luxury. According to reports, the lithium based battery of the Switch could last for years, depending on its use.

Nintendo Switch Battery Issues

However, it will eventually become useless wherein, the Nintendo Switch will have to be plugged in order to operate. When that happens, the mobility feature of the Nintendo Switch will all come down to nothing. Take note that the FCC finding is merely part of the final concept of the Nintendo Switch console. With few more months to go, it could be redesigned and made fit for a better purpose. The FCC filing is a mere prototype of any device that is about or undergoing development. While the company revealed that the Nintendo Switch will have a permanent battery, the possibility of other options can still change the whole patent of the gaming platform.

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