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Nintendo Switch Battery Life Similar to 3DS? Nintendo Targeting 5-8 Hours [Rumor]

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The Nintendo Switch battery life may actually be better than initial predictions estimated. Some new rumours floating around the web say that Nintendo wants their new hybrid console to last approximately five to eight hours when used as a handheld device. The figure would put it in line with their current handheld system, the New 3DS XL.

Nintendo Switch Battery Life Rumors

News of the predicted battery life popped up in a?NeoGAF thread earlier today. The poster, a user named NeOak, presents evidence from the finalized Switch development kits that were sent out to studios last month.

?5-8hrs is the range I’ve heard they are targeting. Hearing final dev kits went out in mid-November was an interesting detail and I thought people would want to hear about the battery range they are targeting.? reads one of the quoted comments in the post.

If this rumor were true, it would be a huge improvement over the initial three-hour figure that was earlier leaked?from the first devkit released.?The company has yet to reveal the device?s final hardware specs, but several tech outlets have made guesses based on other handheld gaming systems.

Ars Technica predicts the Switch will run on Nvidia?s new Tegra X2 chip, which is based on the company?s new Pascal GPU architecture. Pascal chips have brought huge gains in performance, especially on the mobile side. Pascal-powered gaming laptops have closed the gap on their bigger desktop brothers, showing only minimal differences in frame rates while improving battery life.

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Will this translate to the Nintendo Switch? The Tegra X2, with its rumoured 256 CUDA cores, would be significantly less powerful than the current entry level Pascal chip, the GTX 1050. Will it be able to handle running games natively while keeping the Nintendo Switch battery life up? We can only wait and see.

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