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Pokemon Game Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch, Actual Console Release Date Leaked

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Nintendo Switch

The Nintendo Switch is perhaps the hottest talk of the town as of late. The new hybrid gaming console from Nintendo will be officially announced in a few days. Availability is said to be some time in March, according to Nintendo. In line with this, there have been a few reports confirming game titles releasing with the console. Perhaps one of the most highly anticipated yet is a Pokemon game title coming to the Nintendo Switch.

So far, some game titles have already made its rounds on the internet since the initial announcement of the Nintendo Switch. In the console’s promotional video, it can be seen with games like Splatoon, Skyrim and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. In addition to these games, other titles like Stardew Valley, Dragon Quest and a Mario and Rabids crossover have been reported to come too. Now, rumor has it that GameFreak is jumping into the fray for the Nintendo Switch version of Pokemon.

So far, most mainstream Pokemon games have stayed within Nintendo’s portable gaming systems. The Gameboy and Gameboy Advance as well as the Nintendo 3DS have been the major platform for the game. The reports seemed to cement further the news that Pokemon is finally entering the console gaming arena. And, the Nintendo Switch will be the bridge that will make that happen.

Nintendo Switch

Leaked image from Gamestop Germany (via

Unfortunately, to this date, it is still uncertain as to when the Pokemon game will be released. However, a recent leak seems to suggest that some major game titles announced for the Nintendo Switch are releasing during the day one launch. According to Techno Buffalo, a Gamestop Germany employee snapped an image of its system inventory indicating game titles for the upcoming Nintendo gaming console. In the leaked image, it can bee seen that titles like the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild will be released along with the console. What’s more interesting is the fact that the image shows March 19 as the arrival date.

This could be true as the announced release date falls within the date indicated in the leaked image. This supposed date may prove to be correct for Germany. However, the fact that the Nintendo Switch will be released globally, other regions might have the same dates as well.

Nintendo has yet to release a statement about the new rumors circulating its much hyped gaming console. Nonetheless, the official announcement is due to happen on January 12 (US). Until then, gamers can hope for more updates to come soon.

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