Nintendo Still in the Red Despite Mario Kart 8’s Success

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Nintendo has just released their latest quarterly results and they don?t look too good. Nintendo has confirmed that they have lost $97.2 million in the quarter ending June 30.

The big loss comes even after the successful sales of Mario Kart 8 earlier this year. Mario Kart 8 saw shipments of around 2.82 million. So, why are the losses still so big? Nintendo mentioned that these sales can be attributed to the existing Wii U owners and not for new buyers. In terms of console sales, Nintendo just shipped around 510,000 units of the console between April and June.

Nintendo still thinks that they are on track to hit the target of 3.6 million units sold for the fiscal year though. Total shipments for the Wii U rose to 6.68 million as of June.

Mario Kart 8 was indeed a key contributor to Nintendo?s numbers with Nintendo confirming that the game represented 65 percent of the total 4.39 million software shipments made in the last three months. 80 percent of that came from outside of Japan.

Nintendo seems to be finding most of its success from its handheld devices, though. A total of 820,000 Nintendo 3DS units were shipped by the company from April to June and bumping the total number of sales to over 44 million for the said device.

Nintendo is optimistic that they will see a continued growth in profits from the Nintendo 3DS especially with the release of the Pokemon Sapphire and Pokemon Ruby remakes. There?s also the much anticipated release of Super Smash Bros. this coming October.

What seems to be hurting Nintendo the most is the competition and how Nintendo doesn?t seem to be flexible in terms of adjusting, on the fly, or based on their competitors. For example, some buyers stay away from some old games even if they wanted to buy them because there aren?t as many price drops compared to other devices or consoles. Others attribute it to the lack of cross platform support while others still think that the Wii U has been relegated to a mainly secondary console compared to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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