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Nintendo SNES Mini Releasing in December 2017

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Nintendo releasing SNES mini later this year

Following the discontinuation of the Classic NES mini, Nintendo is now rumored to release the mini version of one of its famous older consoles. It would seem that the popular Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES will also be released sometime this year in a mini form.

According to Eurogamer, Nintendo has already started the production of the SNES mini and is expected to release the said console in time for Christmas this year. Unfortunately, Nintendo declined to comment on how many SNES mini it intends to release this year.

Hopefully, the console maker would release enough units to supplicate demands. Unlike the NES mini, which was in huge demand and low supply, consumers are expecting the SNES mini to be different.

Nintendo releasing SNES mini later this year

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The SNES is perhaps the most successful console Nintendo has ever released. It has a huge lineup of game title that are far superior than the ones released on the NES. Titles like Super Mario Cart, Super Mario World, and A Link to the Past are just some of the most successful game titles for the console.

Just like the NES mini, the games will come pre-installed in the SNES mini. However, it is not yet known which games will make up the list. Nevertheless, consumers can expect most of the titles mentioned above as they are quite popular at the time of the original console’s release.

Also still unknown at the moment is the price for the SNES mini. However, it is possible that it might carry the same price tag as the now discontinued NES mini. If Nintendo decides to push for $69 just like the NES mini, it will be a win-win for consumers and gamers alike.

Even though the SNES mini is still months away from its supposed release, many fans are probably excited by now. For sure, people who bought the NES mini will be the first ones to fall in line for the newest mini retro console in town. For more updates on the Nintendo SNES mini, be sure to check us out at TheBitbag.

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