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Nintendo Sales Up In 2015: New CEO Is Key, More Products To Be Developed?

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It looks like Nintendo is on a good momentum for 2015. The house where Mario, Donkey Kong and Link were created had a great year, with great results on their sales for both software and hardware, this was according to their half-year financial report? that was recorded until September 30 for 2015. With recent releases like Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer for the Nintendo 3DS selling at 2.02 million, Splatoon and Super Mario Maker for the Nintendo Wii U with 2.42 million and 1.88 million copies sold worldwide within this year.

Though Super Mario Maker has suffered low sales in Japan, with only 390,000 copies sold, but it made great output outside the country, meanwhile both Animal Crossing and Splatoon are having higher sales in Japan with 1.17 million and 860,000 copies sold.

In terms of hardware sales, Nintendo is proud to announce that the 3DS reached 2.28 million units sold worldwide for this year, making it a total of 54.32 million 3DS units being sold. Meanwhile the Wii U is also showing some signs of improvements, with 1.18 million Wii U units sold worldwide, making a total of 10.73 million units sold since its debut in November 2012, and this is also a big achievement for Nintendo, as it surpasses the sales of the Sega Dreamcast which only sold at 10.6 million units from its lifetime.

The sales have improved after the new CEO of Nintendo was seated, when Tatsumi Kimishma took over when Satoru Iwata passed away last July. It will be interesting to see what is going to happen to Nintendo especially with the increased profit sales for 2015, they have already planned to announce a new mobile game today and hopefully this would help gain more attraction to the brand with the mobile game consumers and long-time Nintendo players.

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