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Nintendo Might Retail Classic Games For Mini SNES Classic

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Nintendo retailing old games with mini SNES Classic

There is no denying that 2017 is the year of retro gaming. So far, at the beginning of the year, Nintendo released the mini NES classic that left many disappointed due to limited availability. Before long, others are reselling the retro console on the Internet at ridiculous prices.

This time around, Nintendo has announced that it will be releasing yet another mini version of one of its most famous consoles of the age, the SNES Classic.

Right at this point, pretty much everything there is to know about the retro console has been made public by Nintendo. The mini SNES Classic will be released on September 29 and will cost around $80.

In addition to these, the retro console will also include a total of 21 games, some of which were not released in the market. That said, since the Super NES has quite a huge library, there are now talks that Nintendo might release more titles in addition to the 21 that will be included in the mini SNES Classic.

Nintendo retailing old games with mini SNES Classic

The mini NES Classic (via

According to Nintendo, the management is considering making the mini SNES Classic as a sort of virtual console. As a virtual console, users will be able to add classic games to the console’s existing list. However, while that may sound quite exciting especially for retro gaming aficionados, Nintendo is still trying to figure out the method of selling or retailing its long line of classic games.

Nintendo’s General Manager for Marketing, Satoshi Yamato, said that the company is still figuring out the way to distribute the old classic games from its database. So far, there are two options on the table: download cards and packaged software. However, all of these will still be determined by the demands from its fanbase when the classic console is finally released.

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