Nintendo Plans To Do Character IP License Deals. With Who or What?

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Nintendo's Satoru Iwata
Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata

Nintendo is in a bad shape right now and everybody knows that. They went into a downward spiral in the previous year and no wonder, there will be a huge number of changes that Nintendo will bring in this year. Some thought that Nintendo intended to introduce a new console, while some think that Nintendo needs to up their game with the Wii U and 3DS. Regardless of any of this, one thing is clear. Nintendo needs to come up with something else.

Licensing is one of the things that Nintendo can do to make up for the losses they?ve made in the past months. Nintendo has a good host of trademarked characters under their sleeves and licensing figures like Mario, Zelda or Donkey Kong can pretty much attract some good third party gaming companies, which can be very beneficial for the company?s welfare (and survival in the future if things keep up like this for Nintendo.)

These solid lineup of exclusive IP characters can prove a lot for Nintendo and it?s not rocket science that keeping them inside Nintendo?s border is a logical move. However, Satoru Iwata had a change of heart and is actually considering the thought:

?We are not at a stage where we can share the specifics with you today, but we are seeing possibilities in licensing character IP in areas Nintendo has never worked before. I expect to be able to discuss some of the details before the end of this calendar year.?

In this very statement, Iwata clearly stated ?areas Nintendo has never worked before?, so it means, we really couldn?t expect any video game related licensing anytime soon. It may be for other stuff instead, like commercials for toys, clothing, other goods, etc.

Though there has been a lot of speculation about Nintendo crossing borders and reaching other audiences through multi-platform, we really can?t count on that just yet.

Image Source: YouTube (Nintendo Direct)

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