Nintendo Offers Up DS DEMO On Nintendo Channel

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For many DS gamers getting free Demos are becoming easier to get via a simple download click. Gone are the days of not getting a DEMO on the DS. I?ve used the download station at Gamestop in the past and always wanted a simple way  of trying out a game before coming out of pocket. Capcom is now offering a taste of Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS: Miles Edgeworth. DS Demo Available Now on your Wii?s Nintendo Channel and at select retail locations that offer the DS download station. make sure to call ahead to find out of the DS download station at the location has been updated with the DEMO..

We just wanted to give you a heads-up that the DS demo for Ace Attorney INVESTIGATIONS: Miles Edgeworth is available for download today! Users can download it directly from the Nintendo Channel and DS download stations at participating retailers. This will give fans a sample of what to expect when the game comes out on February 16 across North America.

Ace Attorney Investigations sheds light on the other side of the judicial system with a whole new gameplay dynamic to the world of Ace Attorney. As Miles Edgeworth, users will investigate various locations, work directly with characters on the scene, find contradictions, and get to the truth by presenting decisive evidence. Miles Edgeworth can also make use of the all-new ?Logic? system, in which he chooses two pieces of information out of the various pieces he has collected and ?combines? them to discover new information. Ace Attorney Investigations features several lengthy, interrelated episodes that will challenge players to use their minds to solve the series of crimes that have been committed around Miles Edgeworth.

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