Nintendo NX vs PlayStation 4 Neo vs Xbox Scorpio: Which Is The Best New Console?

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Nintendo NX vs PlayStation 4 Neo vs Xbox Scorpio

As expected, Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 has revealed lots of exciting games and hardwares coming this year and following. Microsoft has launched its new gaming console Xbox S and announced its future plans for Xbox Scorpio. Although Sony and Nintendo has remained silent about their upcoming hardwares, reports suggest that both companies will announce new gaming consoles soon.

Nintendo is supposed to be working on it?s upcoming gaming console Nintendo NX while Sony has already confirmed that it?s working on new gaming console, PlayStation 4K or Playstation Neo. In an interview with the Financial Times, Sony Interactive Entertainment president Andrew House told that the PS4 Neo will be more expensive than the current PS4.

Although any of these companies has not provided any details about the specs of upcoming devices, the rumors indicates that both PS Neo and Xbox Scorpio will feature 4K gaming and VR support. PlayStation NEO is expected to have an 8-core Jaguar CPU that will boost the processing speed up to 2.1 GHz. According to The Times of India, current CPU of PS4 offers the maximum speed of 1.6 GHz. So, an upcoming console would be a lot more powerful than current PS4 RAM.

On the other hand, Microsoft has also announced to release Xbox Scorpio in 2017. According to BBC, it would be a 4K gaming console that will support VR. It is expected to roll out by the end of 2017. Moreover, the company has also updated its game controller.

Nintendo has also announced Wii U, a new generation controller and console combo. Users can play games on its 6.2 inch screen. It can also be used as a controller to play games on the big screen.

However, the company has bigger plans for future. TechRadar has reported that Nintendo NX would be a new generation gaming console. Nintendo NX was announced in March 2015. It is still not clear what kind of game Nintendo NX would be. The company has not released any statement regarding the hardware of Nintendo NX.

So, gamers can expect much better hardware in the future. For those who are looking for new gaming console, must wait for these consoles.

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