Nintendo NX Skips Tokyo Game Show 2016 For October Reveal?

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It seems like the Nintendo NX will be skipping Tokyo Game Show 2016. Of all the companies that will be showcasing their games, Nintendo hasn’t made any announcements for the event. It’s an odd move, but it seems like Nintendo will showcase their new platform later in the year. Maybe even in October?

None of this has been confirmed of course. However, Nintendo has been more tight lipped than usual when it comes to the new console. It’s somewhat understandable, but considering how Microsoft and Sony have unveiled their upgraded consoles, Nintendo might want to unveil theirs as soon as possible.


One reason the company might want to reveal the Nintendo NX soon is momentum. For years, Sony has dominated the gaming competition with the PS4. However, the PS4 Pro received mixed responses, losing momentum for Sony. According to Forbes, this is why Nintendo should strike, so they can gain momentum.

It seems like that might be happening, as WCCFTech?reported?that the console might be revealed in?October. The claim was made by known insider Emily Rogers, who stated that the console could be revealed next month. She also claims that the NX will not be delayed, though Nintendo have yet to publicly discuss that.

October Event?

Should Rogers’ claims be true, it will be interesting to see if Nintendo plans an October event. After all, Sony made one for the PS4 Pro. It would be a smart move, since it builds up hype and anticipation in the fan base. The fact that Nintendo has one of the most loyal fans should help.

Knowing Nintendo though, the company could announce it in a Nintendo Direct video. This is something the company has done for big showcases, including the most recent one for 3DS games. While fans would prefer a show, they shouldn’t be surprised if the company opts for another online video.

The Nintendo NX will supposedly be coming out in March 2017. If recent reports are true, it looks like fans will get Zelda, Mario and Pokemon fairly early in it’s lifespan. Project Sonic 2017 and Dragon Quest 10 will also come to the console. There have also been rumors of Wii U remasters, though that has not been confirmed.

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