Nintendo NX Release Doomed As Xbox One Scorpio & PS4 NEO Get Announced?

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Nintendo has had a rough couple of years. The Wii U wasn?t the massive sales success that many in the company thought it would be, and the upcoming Nintendo NX faces some very stiff competition, now that the PS4 Neo and the Xbox One Scorpio have been officially confirmed by Sony and Microsoft, respectively.

This has led many to believe that the Nintendo NX could be doomed before it even debuts, as pointed out by Forbes. The Wii U might have a library of great games that includes titles like Splatoon and Bayonetta 2, but the lack of third-party support has made it a hard console to recommend.

While the sales for the Wii U have gotten better, the console can barely compete with the Xbox One and PS4. Just look at the Nintendo E3 presentation, which only focused on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Pokemon Sun and Moon. These titles are definitely exciting, but compared with the monstrous lineup from Sony and the new IPs announced for Microsoft, it?s clear that Nintendo needs more third-party support.

Some fans have argued that the Wii U might have its faults, but at least it?s a console dedicated to gaming. This is a fair point since the Wii U has a number of quality titles that can only be played on the console, and it has a ton of couch multiplayer games like Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros., while the PS4 and Xbox One try their hardest to be like a PC.

Even with the Nintendo NX coming in March, the company hasn?t completely given up on the Wii U. The console is getting a new Paper Mario game in October that has fans excited, and the aforementioned Legend of Zelda game looks like it will be the Game of the Year for many critics.

However, the fact that the company is making the Nintendo NX is proof that the Wii U has already lost. This is a shame, as the console does have its fair share of unique games that can?t be found on the PS4 and Xbox One; it?s just that there aren?t enough of them.

Will history repeat itself with the Nintendo NX losing to the PS4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio? Only time will tell.

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