Nintendo NX Release Date Confirmed? Will Launch With New Legend Of Zelda Game?

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Is the Nintendo NX release date set for this year? And is Zelda Wii U one of its launch titles? The answer to both questions is yes according to an unconfirmed rumor posted on The website says that an anonymous source from Nintendo has confirmed that the company?s top secret new hardware will be coming in Holiday 2016, while the anticipated Zelda title will release within the console?s ?launch window.?

Nintendo NX and Zelda Releasing Together?

?I can confirm that the Nintendo NX is definitely launching in 2016 and Zelda NX will be a launch window release, so it could either launch on NX or release shortly after the release of the NX. Either way Nintendo is trying to release Zelda Wii U and Zelda NX at the same time period for the holiday season 2016. Also, no other launch games were revealed to me for the NX at this time, but the source informed me that they will confirm more information if possible in the future,? reads the post.

The source could not confirm whether the Nintendo NX would be a home console, handheld gaming device, or a cross between the two, similar to the Wii U?s tablet controller. The author states that due to the sensitive nature of the information, he is unable to show to the public any of the visual proof provided to him by the mystery insider from Nintendo. Until it surfaces, it?s best to file this news on the Nintendo NX release date under rumors and speculations.

Nintendo has said in the past that a new Zelda game is launching this year. The company?s most recent financial earnings report listed the title as coming in 2016. But will it be an NX launch launch? That remains to be seen. It seems unlikely that the Nintendo NX release date will be this year, considering the company has not made any formal announcement about the hardware yet. A holiday 2016 launch would give the company very little time to market the NX.


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