Nintendo NX Release Date: Brexit Crisis May Delay The Console’s Launch

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Nintendo NX

The recent Brexit crisis has sent shockwaves around the world, and now the issue has been causing tension at Nintendo. The company?s president himself said that if Britain leaves the EU, it will affect the firm?s base in the UK which sells the company?s goods. The problem may also affect the Nintendo NX release date. ?Although the company is working hard to bring the console to the market sometime around March 2017, the current crisis is not a good signal for the NX?s release.

During the 76th annual general meeting of the shareholders, Nintendo?s President Tatsumi Kimishima expressed his worries regarding the Brexit results. He said that the company is working hard to increase the corporate value by bringing the new projects to life, and the Nintendo NX will be released according to the company?s plans. Working on the new products will require more effort on many fronts, he added.

Kimishima said that Nintendo?s base in the UK from where the company sells goods might be affected by the Brexit results. The European Union has established some agreements and rules including the Tax System, information privacy, and product safety standards for Europe. According to Kimishima, now that Britain has left the EU, there would be some changes in the policies, but at this moment of uncertainty, the company needs to keep track of the results. Nintendo will plan its moves on the Nintendo NX and other products accordingly, Kimishima added.

Britain?s vote to leave the EU has already destabilized the global market which can be seen in the currency values, especially of the British Pound. Kimishima said that the company needs to be watchful of the events because the value of Yen is strong at the moment. He also said that the results may also affect Nintendo?s earnings. The value of British Pound has already seen a huge fall, and if the conditions remain the same, Nintendo will suffer loss due to foreign currency exchange rates.

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