Nintendo NX Price Only $200? Shouldn’t Cost $400, Says Analyst

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Nintendo NX Price

The Nintendo NX price and design will play a major role in the console?s success. Industry analysts have predicted the fate of Nintendo?s new console, which is expected to arrive in early 2017. According to Michael Pachter, analyst at Wedbush Securities, NX will get unnoticed if it is just a handheld console. On top of that, the maximum price for NX should be no more than US$199; otherwise, people won?t buy it.

Nintendo is keeping the NX specifications and features a secret. The company has not confirmed whether the console will be a handheld device or if it will be a proper home console. According to Pachter, if Nintendo NX is something in between and costs around US$399, people will not buy it.

Many reports claim that Nintendo NX is not a home console. It can be attached to TV sets and can also be taken outside to play games. With the rumours that games like Legend of Zelda and Pokemon will be playable on Nintendo NX, there?s a chance that Nintendo might be working on something that supports both the mobile and console games.

As the game industry seems to be more focused on virtual reality and 4K gaming, bringing a handheld device in the smartphone generation doesn?t seem to be a great option. Pachter didn?t say that the Nintendo NX price would fall in the same range. However, if it does, there will be fewer people who would be interested in buying it.

Nevertheless, Nintendo is very confident about its upcoming console. Though the company is still keeping it under wraps, the rumour mill is currently active with Nintendo NX leaks, news and updates.

Just like the Nintendo NX price, there are many rumours about the console?s release date. Some fans believe that the console will come out in late 2016. Meanwhile, others are confident that the device will not launch before March 2017.

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