Nintendo NX: Pokemon Sun And Moon Port Confirmed For Handheld/Console Hybrid?

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It seems like the Nintendo NX will be getting a Pokemon game. This has been rumored for quite a while, but it’s recently become official. Currently, no information about the game has been released. Seems like it could be anything, from a Pokemon Sun and Moon port to an all-new game. Either way, here is hoping that the game is fun.

The Wall Street Journal confirmed that Game Freak will be working on the title. Most of the console Pokemon games were not developed by the renowned developer, so fans can expect some quality. It will be interesting to see how the game compares to the various handheld titles.

Sun And Moon Port?

While the details about the Nintendo NX Pokemon game is yet to be revealed, fans are wondering what it’ll be. A port of Pokemon Sun and Moon seems like it could be likely. This could be the ultimate version of the game, one that has all the version-exclusive Pokemon. Then again, that would make trading useless.

Considering that the NX is meant to be a combination of a console and a handheld, it could be a port. These two games could really be the best of the series. It would be easy to see why Nintendo would bring these two titles to their new system.


If the NX is as powerful as a PS3 or PS4, Nintendo could remake one of their older Pokemon games. Game Freak could even remake Pokemon Red and Blue, with HD graphics. They are the most well-known games in the series after all. Most of the creatures in Pokemon GO come from Red and Blue. Red and Green in Japan.

With no new information released, we will have to wait for a while. The Nintendo NX is slated for a release sometime next year, possibly in March. Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Project Sonic 2017 and Dragon Quest 10 have been confirmed for the new console. A new Pokemon game ? whatever it is ? now joins that list. A Super Mario title has also been rumored for the new console, so it looks like the NX will have a solid lineup.

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