Nintendo NX: Pokemon Red and Blue Remake Coming?

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It was recently reported that the Nintendo NX would have three blockbuster titles within its first six months. The titles are Mario, Pokemon and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so obviously fans are excited. While fans can assume how the Mario title will play like, the Pokemon title by Game Freak is more ambiguous, with some thinking it will be a port of Sun and Moon, though it could also be a remake of Red and Blue.

A remake of Pokemon Red and Blue would be interesting, since the two titles were already remade once on the Game Boy Advance as Fire Red and Leaf Green, respectively. Both games featured more detailed 2D graphics and the ability to catch some of the newer Pokemon from Ruby and Sapphire after beating the Pokemon League.

The Nintendo NX needs a killer lineup in its opening year, considering the messy one the Wii U had. While the Wii U was a good system with great games, the lack of big name titles almost doomed it early on, while the small amount of third party games made most gamers ignore the system.

It is clear that Nintendo is learning from its past mistakes, and putting out a Pokemon game within the first six months is a smart move. Making it a remake of Red and Blue would guarantee sales, and fans would love to see the two classic games in 3D for the first time.

Will these two games come to the NX?

Should fans get a remake of Pokemon Red and Blue, fans can expect to see it in 3D for the first time, while Nintendo can expect it to be a huge success. Nostalgia is really in these days, with all these film remakes and game sequels. This is probably why Pokemon GO is the hit it is today.

Fans can expect the Nintendo NX to come out next year. If Pokemon, Mario and Zelda come out within the first six months, this could make the console-handheld hybrid one of the best gaming systems to date. The fact that it will bring back cartridges is an interesting move and brings it back to its old-school gaming roots.

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