Nintendo NX Leak: Patent Confirms Nintendo Won’t Compete With PS4 Neo & Xbox One Scorpio?

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Nintendo NX Leak

The recent Nintendo NX leak somehow confirms that the upcoming console will not be in direct competition with PS4 Neo and Xbox One Scorpio. The patent filed by Nintendo for its next gaming console reveals that the company?s new product will provide a different gaming experience, and some may consider it a game changer.

While Sony is gearing up for the release of PS4 Neo which is expected to feature powerful specifications, Nintendo is all set to reveal its new console known as Nintendo NX. Microsoft, on the other hand, is also working on Xbox One Scorpio, which is scheduled for launch in fall 2017.

Based on the Nintendo NX leak which includes images and details on the console, it is unlikely that Nintendo NX will directly compete with Sony?s and Microsoft?s upcoming consoles. This is because Nintendo NX would be more like a handheld device that supports mobile games, which somehow makes it inappropriate to call it a home console. You can enjoy it while you?re on the move and use it like a handheld just like PS Vita. However, according to a previous Nintendo NX leak, the device can also be connected to a home?s TV system so you can enjoy gaming in the comfort of your abode.

The device will also use game cartridges, which could be at least 32GB. NX will also be equipped with Nvidia Tegra mobile processor, according to a report by Eurogamer. A recently discovered patent that shows a handheld device which can be equipped with buttons may prove the earlier leaks.

Nintendo has not shared a lot of details about the console so it?s yet to be seen if the leaks are true. However, the CEO said during an earning calls that the home and handheld consoles will be ?brothers in a family of system.? This makes it completely different from PS4 Neo and Xbox One S. The two are mainly home consoles which are expected to bring 4K resolution, more powerful performance and higher graphic processing capabilities than their previously launched products.

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