Nintendo NX To Get Great Library of Games, ?Zelda? Could Be The Launch Title

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Nintendo NX

In an interview, Nintendo America?s president confirmed that Nintendo NX will get a great library of games. Reggie Fils-Aim? also hinted at the possibility of the Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild to come as a launch title for the upcoming console by the company.

Nintendo assures fans that it won?t repeat the same mistakes it has made in the past few years. From marketing to communication and bringing new content, Nintendo president said that the company has learned many lessons in the past and it will make people understand the product.

During an interview with Alist, Fils-Aime said that the company didn?t bring anything related to NX at E3 2016. The time didn?t match with the company?s strategy and instead talked more about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild.

Regarding the Nintendo NX release, the company?s president said that Nintendo has its own strategy and the launch of PS4 Neo from Sony and Xbox One Scorpio from Microsoft will not affect this launch. Nintendo wanted to show the game content first before launching NX and this is what the company did at E3 2016.

The Nintendo NX release is scheduled for Spring 2017. No official confirmation about the specific release date has been out, but there are high chances that the upcoming Zelda title could be the launch title for the console. Nintendo has already pushed the game?s release into 2017, as the game was scheduled for release in 2016.

Nintendo also showcased Pokemon Sun and Moon, Ever Oasis, Mario Party Rush and the highly anticipated and one of the most popular mobile games, Pokemon GO. There are chances that the company might bring these games to NX. There are some already confirmed Nintendo NX games, and some rumoured games are also there.

According to the specification leaks, Nintendo NX would be a handheld console with the capabilities of a home console. The device can also be attached to a TV set and can be used as a handheld console. The company has confirmed that the console will be launched during Spring 2017.

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