Nintendo NX Controller Actually Has Buttons [Leaked Images]

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Nintendo NX

Nintendo hasn?t talked much about its upcoming Nintendo NX, and the company has also been silent about the Nintendo NX Controller which sparked discussions last year when its patent registration details were revealed. Now the device has generated new buzz due to alleged leaked images of the Nintendo NX Controller.

A Reddit user recently published a photo that was allegedly taken during the development phase of the Nintendo NX Controller. The image shared by the user has gone viral, but some people say that it?s fake. Due to the harsh reactions to it, the Reddit user explained the image in detail.

Nintendo NX Controller leaked image

Nintendo NX Controller leaked image by the Reddit User.

The Nintendo NX Controller leak should be taken with a grain of salt; however, the leaked image can turn out to be true because the design in the image is similar to what was described in Nintendo?s patent registration. If the image is of a real controller, it is possible that the device shown may be a prototype. If we read the patent registration documents on FPO, we can deduce that the leaked image features almost the same configurations. Apparently, the device in the photo features touch and motion controls. The device also features physical shoulder buttons.

However, it was said that the person who leaked the latest image of the NX Controller doesn?t work at Nintendo and is not part of the team that?s developing the controller. Some users also rejected his claims because what he said in comments and replies has already been noted in the patent application which was revealed last year.

Nintendo NX Controller

Images of Nintendo NX Controller as per the patent application filed by Nintendo.

Ninntendo Nx Controller Image

As Nintendo has said, their next console, Nintendo NX, will be different, and it seems the changes are also evident in its controller, which is expected to be far from what we have seen in recent years. However, many people say that the supposedly leaked photo is just a lame imitation of the patent registration details.

The Nintendo NX launch remains a mystery among fans, but a report by iDigital Times suggests that Nintendo has tied up with Foxconn for the development of the upcoming console. Reports also suggest that the mass production of Nintendo NX will officially start sometime around May or June this year, and the controller will be released in July.

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