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Nintendo New President Announced: Meet Tatsumi Kimishima

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After the passing of Satoru Iwata, Nintendo had to select a new leader to continue the legacy, and now they have finally announced their new president.

It was a sad day for the gaming industry when the announcement of the passing of then Nintendo president and CEO Satoru Iwata was shared. The whole company had to step up and continue Iwata?s dream, and to do that, they need to elect a new president. And finally they did, Tatsumi Kimishima is now the new president of Nintendo.

Kimishima may sound new to the Nintendo fans, but he has some major involvement inside Nintendo. He was the former CEO of Nintendo of America, he was also the chief financial officer of the Pokemon Company. Prior to joining Nintendo, was a general manager for one of the branches of Sanwa Bank. Kimishima?s starting term as president was already effective as of September 16.

After being assigned as president, Tatsumi Kimishima had started the reconstruction of Nintendo?s internal departments, merging two existing departments into one unified team and then creating new departments to cater for the mobile scene. Aside from the reshuffling, he also established two new roles called ?Fellows?; where their role is to provide a support network for the Nintendo president. Those who are part of the Fellow role were Genyo Takeda; the creator of Punch-Out! And general manager of Nintendo?s Research and Development, he will be the Technology Fellow. Meanwhile, Shigeru Miyamoto; the creator of Mario and the general manager of Nintendo?s Entertainment and Analysis division, will take up the Creative Fellow role.

Kimishima will be preparing Nintendo as they will be announcing their next gaming console, codenamed NX by next year. Although it was briefly announced on mid-2015, the late Satoru Iwata assured at that time that the NX will represent a new concept and will not be a simple replacement for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

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