Nintendo NES Classic Sold Out On Major Online Retailers, Where To Buy Right Now?

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Nintendo is selling its new NES Classic through various online retailers. Although the company has set a $60 price for the compact version of the classic ?Nintendo Entertainment System with 30 pre-loaded Nintendo games, it is not easy to buy the all new gaming console.

America?s biggest online retailer, Amazon, has already sold out its limited stock of Nintendo NES Classic. However, the product is still available but at a higher price of $300. It is reported that a few days ago the the gaming console crashed the website because of the extra load on their servers.

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Meanwhile, Walmart is selling the device for a limited time period every day. The company sells a few devices daily starting at 5 PM ET. You should keep checking regularly and could get one. The company will keep selling Nintendo NES Classic this way until ?November 18, reported The Verge.

However, you can also buy the gaming console from Walmart for nearly seven times the actual price. Murloc Express is currently selling the device through Walmart online store for $399. This clearly tells the success story of the device.

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On the other hand, Target has removed the product from its listing. The Target webpage for Nintendo NES Classic says, ?We?re sorry! This page is currently unavailable. Please try again later.?

Although the device is listed with the actual price on the Best Buy, the device is unavailable at the moment. The only way to get the gaming console for $59.99 is through Walmart?s special scheme.

For those who don?t know yet, the Nintendo NES Classic is an enhanced version of the original ?80s Nintendo Entertainment System. As mentioned above, the gaming console comes with 30 pre-installed games, no additional cartridge or such required.

Stay tuned to TheBitBag for more updates on Nintendo NES Classic. We will update the information as soon as more details about the availability to the device surfaces.

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