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Nintendo NES Classic: New Retailers Selling Console; Where To Buy Now

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Nintendo NES Classic
NES Classic Edition

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition has been sold out everywhere. The demand for this retro game console is just too much for the supply to handle. Essentially, all attempts to push out new stock go sold out the moment shoppers get a chance to get their hands on the console. According to NPD Group, about 196,000 The Nintendo NES Classic Edition consoles were sold in just November.

If you?re still hoping to grab one of these consoles before Christmas, then we have some good news for you. I seems Santa?s answered everyone?s prayers by making the The Nintendo NES Classic Edition available in several retailers soon!

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The Nintendo NES Classic Edition

As of writing, majority of shoppers are still scouring several retailers stores such as Walmart and Target, wherein the latter has more shoppers hunting the console. Although many people have already made the shift to shop online, the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is not available in the majority of retailer?s online stores. Particularly, it?s not available in Target?s online site and the store has already detailed that the console can only be bought in their physical stores all over the country.

As of right now, it’s pretty unlikely that you?ll find the Nintendo NES Classic Edition in department stores that are usually visited by many consumers on a daily basis. There are rumors that the console can still be found in physical stores. At least, those that are not visited often by the general public.

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However some retailers have announced that they WILL have stocks of the NES Classic Edition. Meijer has detailed they?ll have the console on sale in their physical stores this weekend.

B&H has also announced that they will have the console on sale today in their physical stores. It was not detail though, whether all of their stores will have the console.

We?d advise you to call the stores before hand to make sure your visit doesn?t go to waste. Also, if you?re really serious about buying one, then you might want to consider camping out before the store even opens. We hope all of this helps you out in?getting your own Nintendo NES Classic Edition just before Christmas!

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