Nintendo NES Classic Up for Lottery: Limited Stock Release; Where to Join Now

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Nintendo NES Classic
Nintendo NES Classic

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition is still one of the most elusive finds this holiday season. Supplies everywhere are practically empty and it doesn?t look like we?ll be getting fresh stock anytime soon this year. But threat not, you still have a chance of winning a brand new Nintendo NES Classic Edition in a lottery!

The Nintendo NES Classic Edition Lottery

Get your four leaf clovers, lucky rabbit paws, and whatever magical knick knack you can find. Here is how you can still get your hand on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition with enough luck.

ThinkGeek apparently still has stocks of the highly sought after console. And unlike most retailers, they?ve decided their own fair method on deciding who gets a shot at getting one.

Their way? You need to win in their lottery.

The Mechanics

If you want to try your luck, then head on over to ThinkGeek. There you will need to create your own account and then add the Nintendo Classic Edition in your wish list.

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Soon after, ThinkGeek will randomly choose some very lucky people. If your four leaf clover works and you get chosen, ThinkGeek will then send you a special special code that will let you purchase the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

But it’s important for you to keep checking if you received a code or not because those who fail to buy the console within 24 hours of receiving the code will have their chance forfeited. The code will then go to the next luck guy in the customer pool.

Another Way

Is there another way to get your hands on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition? Well if you?re really desperate, then you will need to buy from scalpers reselling the consoles on Ebay and Amazon for exorbitant prices.

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How high? The Nintendo Classic Edition is being resold at three to four times its retail value! And even then you need to act quick because these overpriced resells are selling out quick.

We hope this all helps you get your hands on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition. At least you know you have two options.

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