Nintendo NES Classic Edition Gets Very Limited Release Only Until Today; Where to Shop Online

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Fans had been waiting for the release of Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Only to find out that it?s only out for a VERY limited release.

Even after a month of getting launched, a lot of people are having a hard time finding the NES Classic Edition. It?s even harder when they?re not paying for a premium. But GameStop may just have good news for the potential buyers.

Just when everybody thought they couldn?t have the NES Classic Edition as a Christmas present, news say that players may be able to buy the console soon. However, it?s still going to be limited.

Where to buy the Nintendo NES Classic Edition?

Despite the fact that it?s still limited, there are still hope for all those who want to have the console. According to GameSpot, more units will be coming to GameStop stores, but only until today. The store started to release the NES Classic Edition yesterday, December 15, 2016.

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Each gaming console will cost $60. On the other hand, other details about the NES Classic Edition can be obtained via phone call or GameStop?s website.

EBay also has their stock but is intended to sell it at a higher cost, knowing that basically everybody just wants to have one.

Nintendo NES

For those people who plan to pre-order the gaming console, it might be better if they just go directly and buy it since stores usually have limited supplies. In November, all of the supplies were immediately sold out on its launch. And when they do replenish their stocks, the NES Classic Edition has a tendency to disappear quickly.

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How do retailers cope up with the demand?

Retailers such as ThinkGeek and Amazon have used different types of approaches just to catch up with the demand.

While most retailers use the first-come first-served approach, ThinkGeek decided to just randomly pick a person and then offer them to buy the console in a span of 24 hours. On the other hand, Amazon placed its Nintendo NES Classic Edition stocks to physical stores.

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