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Nintendo NES Classic Edition Available this Christmas; Limited Stock Released, Where to Buy Now

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Nintendo NES Classic Edition
Nintendo NES Classic Edition

Nintendo NES Classic Edition is coming this Christmas, but in extremely limited supply. When Nintendo dropped the news of the revival of the legendary console, gamers old and young immediately got on the hype train. Whether you?re looking to get the console for nostalgia or to appreciate the classics for the first time, you?ll be hard pressed to get your hands on one this holiday season.

But don?t get discouraged, we might just be able to help you! Keep reading and you?ll soon learn where to buy the Nintendo NES Classic Edition for yourself or your loved ones this Christmas!

Nintendo NES Classic Edition

The consoled was initially launched last November 11 and stocks went to zero pretty quickly on Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy. The Nintendo NES Classic edition is priced at $60 and comes with 30 of the most recognized NES games of its time.

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With the strong sales upon release, you can expect to have a hard to getting one just weeks before Christmas. The supply is very limited and the console is practically sold out everywhere.

However, if you?re determined to get your hands on one no matter the cost, then there’s still one method. You?ll have to resort to scalpers.

Scalpers who saw the big demand took the opportunity and bought a good number of console to resell at a profit. The only problem is, the demand for the Nintendo NES Classic Edition is so high.?Because of this,?scalpers are reselling the consoles at exorbitant prices.

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Get on Amazon or Ebay and start looking for resellers. You might think you that you can relax while looking since these consoles are already being sold at a huge premium. But you?d be wrong to think so. Even with the hefty price tags, the consoles are still selling pretty quickly.

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Hopefully this helps you in your journey to get your hands on a Nintendo NES Classic Edition. Stay tuned in with us for more news and updates on the Nintendo NES Classic Edition.

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